Newborn Photography – Studio vs Lifestyle

Often times I receive questions from parents on what types of newborn sessions I offer and the differences between each. “Newborn photography” can mean so many different things and many newborn photographers specialize in one or several types of photography.

Sophia Grace Photography offers both posed and lifestyle newborn sessions.

Posed Newborn Session

I specialize in minimalist newborn photography. This type of photography focuses on baby with a minimum use of props. Many of my clients choose me because of my minimalist approach to photography. My sets are simplistic and only include baby and maybe a few textures/fabrics (which I provide). I use mostly neutral colors with some minimal pops of color. I think it is so important for baby to be the main focus of the image without any distractions.

As well as taking a minimalist approach when it comes to props, I do the same when it comes to posing baby. I focus on baby-led posing which means minimal wrapping and letting baby rest how they are naturally comfortable. I believe this leads to more natural images.

These posed sessions are done in a dedicated space and I provide absolutely everything needed for the session. I have a selection of neutral props and fabrics I will discuss with you prior to your session.

Lifestyle Newborn Session

Lifestyle newborn sessions take place in YOUR home and are all about the connection between baby and family. I will capture baby in their most natural setting – the comfort of their own home. These sessions focus on baby but also the interaction between baby and parents and baby and siblings if they have any older brothers or sisters. Family pets can even be involved if you choose!

For lifestyle sessions, babies are best dressed in a simple onesie or swaddle – whatever they’re most comfortable in. Parents/siblings are best dressed in neutral and comfortable clothing.

Planning for the Session

I offer a newborn session prep guide to all of my clients. It really helps parents prepare for the session so it can run smoothly. The newborn sessions are all about baby so we do what we can to make baby most comfortable.

If you’re expecting and would like to book a session, please reach out as soon as possible to ensure you a spot on my calendar!

Sophia Grace Photography specializes in Minimalist Newborn, Maternity, Children & Family Portrait photography. We are located in Southeastern Pennsylvania and cover Philadelphia and the surrounding area. We also offer sessions, by request in Northeast Pennsylvania. We currently offer full and mini sessions for newborn, maternity, children and family! Please contact us with any questions or to book your personalized session!